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The Nedap Power Router by Nedap Energy Systems is a fully integrated energy management system. This makes it possible for everybody to build their own network for sustainable energy at home. Solar panels, energy efficient boilers, generators, batteries, everything can be connected to the solar inverter very simply. The energy generated can be used immediately, stored in batteries for later use (the Self-Use Solution) or fed into the grid. An intelligent web portal enables you to have full control of your total energy consumption.


Power router


The Future of Energy – Today

Large parts of the world still do not have any electricity grid whatsoever, or they have unreliable grids, with power cuts being commonplace. The PowerRouter offers an excellent, sustainable solution to this. No noisy, smelly diesel generators, but always clean electricity. So that people continue working without disruption and can study, read a book or watch TV in the evening.

Capacity can be expanded very simply by connecting multiple PowerRouters. This also makes it suitable for small businesses, farms and industrial applications, such as drilling platforms and mobile phone antennas at sites where there is no access to an electricity grid.

The Power Router was introduced in 2009 at the Intersolar, a major international trade fair in Munich. Energy Systems is marketing the PowerRouter primarily in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and England. The PowerRouter is being sold worldwide via business partners. A next generation of PowerRouters, with even more functions and applications, is in the pipeline.

In 2012 the NEDAP PowerRouter Solar Inverter received the prestigious Intersolar AWARD in Munich, Germany.

The PowerRouter gets even more interesting if you start trading your electricity. If you’ve got solar panels, but it’s windy and rainy, you place an order for electricity with your neighbour who has a wind turbine. The less electricity that goes back to the grid, the more you save.

Self-Use Scheme

The PowerRouter Self-Use Solution

The Nedap PowerRouter Solar Inverter is the ideal solution for the use of Self-Generated Solar Power (Self-Use). Why sell your surplus energy to the grid at a lower price, when you can store it for later use and receive a higher incentive for generating and using your own solar energy?

Just connect solar energy and batteries to the PowerRouter and monitor and control where and when you use it. The PowerRouter allows you to optimize, control and manage your self-generated energy. The PowerRouter is perfectly equipped to make the most efficient use of the self-use regulations. Use your own energy whenever you need it most.


How it works

The self-use solution contains six steps to optimize the use of self-generated solar energy.

  1. Generated solar energy is sent to the PowerRouter
  2. Use the solar energy directly in your home
  3. The energy is stored in batteries for later use
  4. When no solar energy is available the energy from the batteries is used for local use
  5. When there is a surplus of solar energy, this will be fed into the grid
  6. Through the web portal you can monitor and manage the energy consumption



100% Independence is already possible.

Ronald Serné from the Achterhoek region built a ‘zero-energy’ home between 2008 and 2010. This is a house that supplies its own energy needs. Using solar panels, he generates sufficient energy for all his household use, and also to drive 50,000 km per year in an electric car.   Serné is 100% independent of the grid. In a few years’ time, he will have earned back his investment. There are increasing numbers of people like Ronald Serné who want to generate their own sustainable energy. In view of the rapid technical developments, this number is set to increase significantly in the coming years.

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The feed-in tariff for solar energy reduces and the price of electricity increases. Customers wish to become more independent from the grid and protect themselves from electricity price rises. Nedap’s PowerRouter Solar Battery for self-

use, the leading storage based inverter, provides the perfect solution to optimize the use of self-generated solar energy.

Use the generated solar energy directly, store the energy in batteries for use at a later time, or feed the energy back to the grid. The PowerRouter is the ideal solution for the use of self-generated solar power (self-use).


Features of the PowerRouter self-use solution

Connect & Grow – Want to start small, before installing batteries? Start with the Nedap PowerRouter Solar Inverter, monitor your energy consumption through and expand with the PowerRouter Battery Manager when the time is right. This connect & grow capability makes the PowerRouter unique in its kind and makes it possible to start small and add storage of solar energy at a later time.

  • Load management – switch on additional loads. By means of applying an external relay it is now possible to manage and switch on additional selected loads (fig. 3) when there is a surplus of solar energy. For example, a water heater or boiler can be prepared and switched on. In this way the use of self-generated energy can be further maximized.

pdf_icon Download the fact sheet about “Load management”

  • Self-use with backup – As any grid-tied inverter, the PowerRouter needs to comply with the local requirements for grid connection. As a safety precaution the inverter is required to disconnect from the grid when the grid fails (anti-island protection). This results in loss of revenues and having no access to the self-generated energy, while solar energy is available. The PowerRouter with connected batteries comes with a unique feature that enables to supply backup power in the event of grid failure. This gives a greater independence from the grid.

pdf_icon Download the fact sheet about “Self-use with backup”

  • Consumption monitoring – With the PowerRouter, system owners can easily monitor their generated solar energy in the web portal (fig. 4). Besides energy production, it is also possible to get information about the total energy consumption. This means a system owner knows exactly how much solar energy is being produced, how much solar energy is being consumed and how much electricity is consumed from the grid. In this way consumption monitoring gives detailed insight into the system owner’s energy balance.

pdf_icon Download the fact sheet about “Consumption monitoring”


Download Documentation and Information

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